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Adding a banner to the homepage slide show with opencart

A friend of mine had some trouble setting up the homepage banners with OpenCart so i thought i would share my instructions on how to setup homepage banners.

Step 1

You need to upload your banner to start with so in the admin go to System > Design > Banners. When loaded click on Insert.

opencart_banners_menu_1     opencart_banners_1

Step 2

Name your banner and simply upload it then press save at the top.



Step 3

Head back the menu and click Extensions > Modules.



Now find the Slideshow module and click edit.



Once loaded press Add Module then select the banner you uploaded, enter dimensions, choose layout as Home and set the sort order.

Step 4

Now your banner will be showing!


PHPEdit Review

PHPEdit could quite possibly be the best PHP IDE i have ever used! I am not just saying this and i am not in any way affiliates with PHPEdit or WaterProof , my review is completely honest and from over 3 years of working in a commercial environment coding daily in PHPEdit.

PHPEdit reviewed by me Rob Kelly a PHP web developer in the North East of England working daily in a large e-commerce business and with a wealth of experience in PHP and IDE software.

So i conclude my review by giving PHPEdit a very well deserved 10 stars out of 10 for this brilliant product.

UPDATE – Following a need to contact PHPEdit for support i have downgraded this review to 2 stars due to the very poor and non existing support they provide. Over the course of a year i have tried emailing and contacting via twitter with not even an acknowledgment of my contact. The forum on the website has also been down for a long time. Unless you are purchasing the software they don’t actually bother contacting you. AVOID THIS COMPANY is my very strong advice!

The PHPEdit was given a rating of 2/10 By rob on . Typical price: €70 - €289.

WordPress for iOS

My first piece of blogging from the iOS WordPress app for the iPad and I must say this is a much improved user experience compared to my past bad experiences with the android version, perhaps I am being slightly biast comparing the user experience of a relativly large screen of the new iPad to a tiny screen of the htc desire, nether the less the additional Bluetooth keyboard makes the blogging process so much quicker. I am yet try to get Siri to blog perhaps i will wait until the American voice control understands local English dialect.