PHPEdit could quite possibly be the best PHP IDE i have ever used! I am not just saying this and i am not in any way affiliates with PHPEdit or WaterProof , my review is completely honest and from over 3 years of working in a commercial environment coding daily in PHPEdit.

PHPEdit reviewed by me Rob Kelly a PHP web developer in the North East of England working daily in a large e-commerce business and with a wealth of experience in PHP and IDE software.

So i conclude my review by giving PHPEdit a very well deserved 10 stars out of 10 for this brilliant product.

UPDATE – Following a need to contact PHPEdit for support i have downgraded this review to 2 stars due to the very poor and non existing support they provide. Over the course of a year i have tried emailing and contacting via twitter with not even an acknowledgment of my contact. The forum on the website has also been down for a long time. Unless you are purchasing the software they don’t actually bother contacting you. AVOID THIS COMPANY is my very strong advice!

The PHPEdit was given a rating of 2/10 By rob on . Typical price: €70 - €289.